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The Versa-table

The Versa-table is a very unique, proprietary design of Scott Buckler and Riggin Design Inc. It features a heavy duty pivot that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The servo motor that powers the unit is a quiet and very powerful motor that is programmed via software for a wide range of speeds and corresponding moves.

Each application is very different and unique and in Riggin Design's studio the setup can be assembled as per creative discussions and tested with uploaded video to assist the client in understanding what the ends results are likely to be. 

The turntable can be synchronized to work with a host of other applications. A mo-co slider can do in/out moves that will correspond to a product/person's movement.  Lights can rotate overhead in a full 360 degree rotation for certain effects as well. For example, if a subject is on the platform and rotating, the key and backlights can rotate to match the rotation of the subject maintaining consistent lighting and there is no hardware to interfere as would be the case if the lighting was affixed to the platform.

The creative possibilities are almost endless in what can be accomplished and a consultation with Scott can help shed light on what those creative possibilities are.

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