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Crane on a Crane!

The Clipper Jr is mounted on the end of the Clipper which is on track. 

At issue was a large concrete table in front of the window. The track had to be offset to the side but the camera needed to get fully inside the room.

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Riggin Design offers different styles of fixed length cranes. The ClipperJr is specifically for roof top shooting where the components need to go into any size elevator and carried the last flight of stairs.

The system utilized a "track only configuration" or a small 3'x3' base of the base does not need top move. 

The ClipperJr can be built in two different sizes. Either 12' or 18'.


12' or 18' camera reach


25 camera reach

The Clipper25 is an extremely smooth and stable fixed length camera crane. Its primary application is for setups where getting a telescopic crane placed is too difficult.

An underwater head is available to support the Arri underwater housing. Offsetting weights on the PowerScopic allow the camera to make the transition from air to underwater. The hydraulic telescoping power of the PowerScopic easily moves the camera through the water.
Camera can attain a depth of 24" below water surface.
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