Movi XL

The Movi XL is the latest addition to to Riggin Design's cranes. It is now possible to offer the complete package of telescopic crane and stabilized head for the most affordable prices around.

The Movi XL is a very simple, well made head. Much heavier duty than the lightweight Movi Pro, the XL has been able to support an Arri 435 (yes, film!) as well as an Alexa SXT with 17-80 mm Otima zoom.

Other features of the Movi XL is that there is a center shoot to run cables that neither the Scorpio or Libra heads have. This center shoot is essential for being able to pan more than 180 degrees and not having external cables (power and video) getting caught.

The PowerScopic package and the Scopic20 package come with standard non stabilized heads as well for no extra charge. This gives the customer the piece of mind that there is a full back up head at all times.

Snorkle lens submerged below water level on the Movi XL

Custom design pan bar allows for smooth pan and tilt (like a fluid head) but allows for up angle to straight down in one move.

Movi XL on the Scopic20