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Movi XL

Riggin Design offers the Movi XL stabilized head. This head can handle large camera packages.  Unlike the smaller Movi pro, the XL has been able to support an Arri 435 (yes, film!) as well as an Alexa SXT with 17-80 mm Otima zoom.

Other features of the Movi XL is that there is a center shoot to run cables that neither the Scorpio or Libra heads have. This center shoot is essential for being able to pan more than 180 degrees and not having external cables (power and video) getting caught.

We provide three different operator options. Pan bar, Alpha wheels, and now the NODO inertia wheels.

The NODO wheels are unmatched by any control console on the market. The ability to change the mass of the wheels depending on the shot is nothing short of amazing.

Pan and tilt limits can be set and the wheels physically stop moving when the limit is hit. For the very small drift in the the head, an offset can be dialed in to lock the head for static shots. 

Control Console


Snorkle lens submerged below water level on the Movi XL

NODO Inertia Wheels


Alpha Wheels

Pan bar


Movi XL on the Scopic20

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