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The PowerScopic is a very strong steel constructed telescopic crane, the only telescopic crane of its style. The open truss allows wind to flow through the arm making it much easier to control outside. The base levels quickly via hydraulic rams and the base is motorized for positioning without additional manpower needed.

The telescopic action is controlled by a single master hydraulic actuator. It is silent and very reliable. Weather conditions are not an issue. The hydraulics need to be recharged in between takes (the same as a camera dolly) and the recharging is done by either utilizing set power or a 8000w generator that is mounted to the truck. The base of the crane has a gasoline powered motor that can also recharge the accumulator if there is no access to a power source.

The crane comes with a two person crew, Scott Buckler and Melissa Gagliardi, and we can handle all aspects of the crane setup and operation. Additional grips are not normally needed.

Stats overview:

Base: 60" wide

Height for doorways: 79.5"

Minimum overall length - 24'

Pedestal to camera:

    Retracted - 14'

    Extended - 44'

    Telescopic action - 30'

Top camera height - 37'

Full up weight - 8300 lbs


Single phase 220v 4 wire

Camlok adapter to 30 amp twistlock included.

200' of twistlock cable


GMC w5 truck w/ 25' gooseneck trailer

See CAD drawing below.

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