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The Scopic20 is a superbly balanced jib with an excellent range of telescopic action for its size and weight.  It features a static load of rear counterbalance weights and then a small amount of transport weights to offset the telescopic action. The result is an arm that is very consistent in its inertia throughout the telescopic range.

The arm can be removed if needed and included are lifting hoists such that grips are never in a position of having to manually lift the arm off the base.

The Scopic20 comes fully built in a 16' Isuzu box truck with liftgate. Time in the morning is to put on weights and the head and it is ready to go. The base is electric powered and there is 4 way leveling. 

The center-post of the Scopic20 is an air piston. A small onboard air compressor raises the column and the air ride is a unique feature for camera cars only the Scopic20 has. 

Stats overview:

Arm length retracted - 14'

Pedestal to camera retracted - 8'

Pedestal to camera extended - 20'

Telescopic action - 12'

Camera height - 19'

Base width - 54"

Power - standard 15 amp line -  120v


Isuzu 16' box truck with lift gate

36' straight linear track

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