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Telescopic Camera cranes


Emmy Award

   "Last Week Tonight"

with John Oliver       9/11/2019

Outstanding Direction, Camerawork, Video control

Russel Swanson, DP - Scott Buckler, techno camera op - Michael Hauer, stedicam - Lucas Owen, camera op

Riggin Design provides telescopic camera cranes and remote heads.  Beyond the equipment is the human element of experience and customer support. The ability to transform a conversation before the shoot into actual on set results. Reliably, safely, and cost effectively.

The service provided here is a propriety combination of designed and engineered equipment and the skills of implementation for which there is no equal in the industry. 

Scott Buckler is the owner and camera operator for Riggin Design Inc.

Melissa Gagliardi is the head tech techno operator.

Serving New York and the Northeast.


  • 44' maximum camera reach (from pedestal)

  • 14' minimum reach (from pedestal)

  • 30' telescopic action

  • hydraulic leveling

  • hydraulic power drive to move and position crane

  • all weather design

The PowerScopic is intended for exteriors and large studio applications. It has many unique features, but most notibly it is the only crane with an open truss arm which allows wind to go through the arm. Much easier to handle than cranes half its size. 


The Scopic20 is a well balanced telescopic crane/jib for precision moves. Well suited for interiors, stages, and camera cars. 

Operated by just one person, both arm moves and telescopic action, makes this jib a top choice when a small footprint with minimal crew support is needed.

  • 20' maximum reach, camera to pedestal

  • 8' minimum reach, camera to pedestal

  • 12' telescopic action

  • base width - 54"

  • 36' linear track

  • electric powered base

  • leveling jacks


Movi XL


The Movi Xl is a large format stabilized head that works with either the PowerScopic or the Scopic20. It is physically lighter in weight than other stabilized heads which is very beneficial on telescopic cranes, but has the capacity to handle to large cameras and lenses.

Modifications have been made to the head to improve its performance.

The Movi XL does everything that its rival Libra and Scorpio heads do at less cost and manpower. Image stability is excellent.

The NODO inertia wheels are nothing short of amazing. The mass (weight) of the wheels can be adjusted from very little to very heavy. Amazing in its ability to assist the operator depending on fast moves (little weight) to slow romantic moves (heavy weight) and anything in between.

Pan and tilt limits can be set and the wheels physically stop when the limit is hit.  Minor drift inherent with the stabilized head can be offset to hold static frames.

The NODO is the first and only head console which actually incorporates real technological advances.


Shotgun Jib


The Shotgun is a single stage telescopic jib with 4' of telescopic action. Unlike typical telescopic cranes, the action is manual: pan left and right, up and down, and extension and retraction is done by physical movement. 

The camera can be moved from either the front or the rear.  The photo shows a remote head, but a standard fluid head can be mounted as well and controlled by the front.

The mitchel plate is connected electronically to the pivot such that when the arm is moved left and right, the camera maintains a consistent position. No adjusting for the back pan action of the arm.

Shotgun Jib

Demo Videos

Featuring the PowerScopic
Shot entirely on Scopic20
Shot entirely on the PowerScopic

Crane on a crane!

All Videos

All Videos

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Underwater remote head
Arri underwater housing on a custom made submergible remote head.

Clipper Jr



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